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Please find below all available forms for STORM Co team leaders. Complete and return (C & R) forms are compulsory and need to be submitted to the NNSW Youth Department once completed. Post to PO Box 7 Wallsend NSW 2287 or email to the departmental assistant at least 2 weeks prior to your trip departure. File forms have been created as templates for STORM Co leaders to collect vital information from team members. Keep these forms in a safe place, do not submit them to the NNSW Youth Department. The optional forms can be used by leaders wishing to take out Extra Risks Insurance on items used on the STORM Co trip. All other forms are situational. For example, some councils or organisations will request a copy of our Public Liability. Loss and Incident Report forms are only needed if a loss or incident occurs.
File Date Title
03/03/2015 C & R 1 | Registration Form Download
06/15/2015 C & R 2 | Team Data Collection Form Download
03/03/2015 C & R 3 | Budget SAMPLE ONLY Download
03/03/2015 File 1 | Application Form Download
03/03/2015 File 2 | Code of Conduct Download
03/03/2015 File 3 | Medical Permission Form Download
05/03/2013 Optional 1 | Extra Risks Blanket Cover Download
05/03/2013 Optional 2 | Extra Risks Specific Cover Download
05/03/2013 Other 1 | Public Liability Request Form Download
05/03/2013 Other 2 | Loss Notification Form Download
03/03/2015 Other 3 | Incident Report Form Download
08/31/2011 Group Building Activities Download