Eighteen years ago, a group of Year 12 students determined that instead of organising school leaving parties or self-indulgent ‘schoolies’ trips, they would plan an adventure with a purpose that would be far more fun and rewarding. They wanted to do something for someone who needed help. But what could they do? Where could they go? The outback town of Moree was the answer!

This began an adventure of service that has grown in immeasurable proportions and inspired many others since then — adventures known as StormCo, which stands for ‘Service To Others Really Matters’.

In 2010, there are now over 39 destinations (including Moree) being regularly visited by StormCo teams throughout the North NSW Conference, with the specific purpose of serving that community in whatever capacity they can for the cause of Jesus Christ.

“The mission of StormCo is to send teams of trained people to work for, learn from and encourage individual communities; sharing God’s love by building bridges to all people through an adventure in service to others,” says Dr Mel Lemke founder of StormCo.

“Service To Others Really Matters — this sums up what StormCo is all about,” Mel said. “StormCo is offering no strings attached, pure service simply because we care about people.”

“Of course, this service is Christ-based and people are inevitably led to ask about what motivates us, which leads to opportunities for sharing our faith.”