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Junior Tent is for ages 10 to 12 years, roughly grades 5 and 6. Below is information on what activities will be available for the Junior tent. 

The 4 Day Activity $52 (including transport & travel time)
Over the four days, Sunday 22 April to Wednesday 25 April, each colour group will rotate through four activities. The four activities are Ski Tubes Rides at the waterfront, waterslide at Yarra, challenge course and flying fox at Yarra, and billy karts on the Stuarts Point camping ground.

Water Slide $8
If you can't do the activity combo, you can enjoy the water slide. Session will run on Monday 23 April, if a minimum of 20 Juniors is met. Transport included.

Big Banana $58

On Thursday April 26 there will be a day trip to Coffs Harbour Big Banana. This is an all day event with an early start. Lunch and transport are included. 

Big BBQ & Capture The Flag $12
Join us for a big game of capture the flag followed by a BBQ dinner. Families of Junior tent members are all welcome to join this afternoon/evening event on Friday April 27.

Week Combo
 $110 (includes all above activites, except one day waterslide)
If you would like to purchase The 4 Day Activity ticket, the Big Day Out and the Big BBQ you can get a combo ticket that includes each of these 3 activities.




Craft will be an available morning activity for Junior tent members from Sunday - Friday excluding Thursday (due to the day trip to the Big Banana). There are a limited number of spots for craft, so make sure to register as soon as the tickets are avaliable online. The following are the morning craft options for Juniors:

SUNDAY 22nd April: Painted Pillowcase - $6

Transform your ordinary pillowcase into a spotty piece of artwork of your own design!

MONDAY 23rd April: Refractive Tealight Lamp - $7

Turn a plain jar into an awesome light refracting lamp!

TUESDAY 24th April: Safety Bracelet - $4

'Disguise' a length of practical heavy duty cord as a cool bracelet for hiking/camping/just because!

WEDNESDAY 25th April: Wood Note Holder Magnet Set - $7

Simple pieces of wood and pegs become a cool magnet set including a note holder!

FRIDAY 27th April: Painted Tumbler - $6

A basic tumbler transformed into a colourful creation!


The aim this year is to involve most, if not all, the high school students in the afternoon activities. All activities will run onsite @ Stuarts Point to help with inclusivity and costing. They will run each afternoon from 2-4pm Sunday to Friday. 

They will be split into teams and the program will run like a race. Each activity will earn the teams points which will be added daily up until the final day. The score board will be updated each evening, with prizes to be won daily. 

The one time price of $25.00 will cover any afternoon activities you wish to participate in. This could be one day, two, or every afternoon! The price remains the same.

The afternoons will be broken down into 4 components: Brain, Bible, Creative, and Challenge. These will see activities including tug of war, soccer, Q&A, brain teasers, the olympics, building a car, and so on.

To provide a general idea of what to expect for activities, SUNDAY 22nd of April will look like this:
BRAIN: Puzzle Object
CREATIVE: Build a car/chariot and race
CHALLENGE: Wet challenges - various games involving water

We are planning to also have a BBQ on Friday.


At Big Camp the Youth Department is offering those involved in Youth Ministry, the opportunity to obtain their bronze medallion and/or their first aid certificate (refresher or full course) again.

The First Aid Full Course is on Sunday the 22nd of April from 8am-4pm. The First Aid Refresher Course is also on Sunday the 22nd of April from 8am-11:30am. It will cost you $100 to register for the full course and $60 for the refresher. 

The Bronze Medallion course will be on Thursday the 26th of April at 8:30am-1pm, this will be FREE to register. However, you must be 14 years of age and able to complete all the requirements specified in the Course Outline 

If you are interested in registering for either of these courses you can apply at this link: https://events.adventist.org.au/Registration/Event/2957